July 19, 2011 | News

Lime Day Spa Reno ~ Lime Spa Offers Unique Urban Sanctuary in Downtown Reno

Just off Center Street in the Midtown District, Reno’s Lime Day Spa is soon to be one of the area’s premier day spas. From the moment you walk in, it’s gentle ambiance and clean lines beckon you to leave your troubles at the door and open your mind to the healing effects of this urban sanctuary.

Before every treatment, after changing into robe and slippers, guests are invited to unwind in the Relax Lounge with a warm foot soak, neck wrap and an aromatherapy treatment. This meditation retreat offers true solace from distractions and prepares guests to fully partake of the Lime Spa experience.

At the appropriate time, a Lime attendant retrieves you from the Relax Lounge and accompanies you to your treatment room. The spa menu offers the characteristic head to toe services, but what is immediately apparent is the way in which what would be a common treatment elsewhere becomes memorable and distinctive.

For example, take the favorite massage on the menu: The Deep Sleep. The therapist uses the tools at her disposal, such as lavender, ylang ylang and geranium in a way that makes you feel she is more artist than masseuse. Gently drawing out each string of tension like the perfect note on a violin, the guest is left resting in a warm cocoon of aromatic oils, hot towels, and total contentment.

Keeping our expectations at bay as we tried other services in the line up, such as the Hot Toddy for the Body and Emerald Goddess Facial, we finally realized that what was adding that extra bit of delight and surprise to each treatment was, among other details, the realization that our therapists were actively engaged in quiet concern for us.

When asked how one possibly trains staff to show genuine care for complete strangers, Emily S… explained, “The Lime Spa team is handpicked for more than their technical expertise; they have to have that rare ability to empathize with others, which empowers them to adjust the treatment so each individual receives a customized experience.”

Emily continued, “Our mission is simple: ‘We serve, attend, pamper and care for each and every guest by being diligently aware of our clients’ needs and having true concern for their happiness and wellbeing.’ That ability to connect and then adjust accordingly to fit the needs of our guests is at the core of what makes Lime Spa unique.”

And we have to agree. Even though we have been to 5-star establishments all over the world, adding a bit of humanity to each treatment offers an edge that money and grandeur alone can’t produce.

One patron described it like this: “The spa experience at Lime is about more than luxurious treatments and pampering. It’s about partaking in an environment of self-renewal and discovery, allowing each appointment to not only nourish your body but the inner spring which feeds true beauty: your heart and mind.”