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New Massage Menu Lime Spa Reno NV


Your therapist will work to improve your mental health, eliminate toxins, and increase your circulation and flexibility.  Body Journeys will also offer you a reduction in anxiety/stress and promote relaxation for an improved well being and energy flow.


Lime Spa Signature Elements Massage

Leave the Stone Age behind and step into a deep sense of warmth and relaxation with our heated bamboo. The bamboo combined with your custom de-stressing massage oil from the aroma bar will melt away stress.  The heated bamboo glides along your body drawing out each area of tension.  Your senses will be heightened with this trip to luxury.  75/90 min $105/$125

Knot Again

Ease sore muscles with an invigorating massage that incorporates stretching to increase range of motion and reduce joint tightness.  Your therapist will target your sore muscles and knots using deeper pressure and heat implements while lengthening tight muscles. This therapeutic massage increases circulation, improves tissue mobility and helps smooth out the kinks in your life. 60/90min $85/$115

Massage on the rocks

This indulgent massage uses a rare combination of hot stones infused with a custom blend of aromatherapy oils to ensure an aromatic escape. As each stone travels over specific areas of the body, every inch of you will feel the luxuriant warmth of the silky stones.  The combination is profoundly relaxing and balancing.  60/90 $95/$125

Mellow Mama Maternity Massage

We pull out all the stops to ease the stress of your changing body.  An organic cooling eye compress, and a natural exfoliating hand or foot treatment initiates the relaxation. A complete body massage using specific techniques to relieve pain, increase circulation and reduce water retention. 60/90 $85/$115

 Lime Spa Mixology Massage

Close your eyes, relax and exhale as your therapist performs proven-effective, Swedish massage techniques to help you de-stress, unwind and achieve a deep state of relaxation.  Select two products to be mixed into your massage from the spa boutique.  Blend them with a custom 30/60/90 minute massage. The ultimate in personalization.   $55/$85/$115

Couples Massage Priced per person

Relax, revitalize, and enjoy a massage together in your own private couples spa suite designed for ultimate comfort and serenity.  30/60/90 minute custom Swedish or deep tissue massage.  $55/$85/$115  add a couples scrub or mudslide for a magical and memorable experience.

Body Journeys


Improve your well being three-fold. This treatment is excellent for tired muscles and will leave your skin smooth and hydrated. This contemporary twist on the traditional Calistoga mud bath is a unique three-part detoxifying treatment: The Mud, The Rest, and the Rinse.  Mineral enriched mud is customized with blended essential oils tailored to your needs.  After an attendant or partner assists with your mud application, you will sink into the “The Deep Sleep” experience.  Refreshed, Relaxed and Restored.   60 min $85  *This experience may be enjoyed in private, as a romantic couples experience or as a group.

Smooth as a Duck’s Butt Body Polish and Wrap

A unique body cocoon ritual that relaxes the mind and heals the body.  Exfoliation will reveal new skin and start the purification process, followed by the firming wrap and scalp massage.  Then, you’ll be wrapped in a nest of warming blankets.  Your treatment is finished with a moisturizer to seal in the benefits.   80 minutes – $125

Hot Toddy for the Body

Lose yourself in relaxation–as your body is wrapped in a hydrating cocoon of steaming hot towels.  Next a full body exfoliation that gives smooth a new name.   Your decadent treatment ends with a dollop of shea butter that might make you too silky to stand.   Fabulous anytime; ideal before or after any spa treatment.  45 min $65         add on just the scrub 25 min $45

Seasonal Body Polish and Massage

Enjoy this all-natural, sense seducing escape from the everyday world.  Exfoliate and nourish the skin during the full-body treatment using natural products to perfectly complement the season. Ask a spa coordinator or check the website for the current offering.  Includes 30 min massage, foot soak, neck wrap and a seasonal cocktail!  90 min $95


 Enhance your Spa Experience with these Essential Upgrades

(Can be added to any massage or combine 2 or more)

Cozy Head, Hands & Feet Retreat

Slip away for a hand and foot renewal that begins with a stimulating scrub that smooth’s and re-energizes and feet.  Hands are wrapped in an eco-friendly warm paraffin that will hydrate and melt away joint aches. While tension is releasing on your limbs enjoy a firming facial massage using cool marble stones and a revitalizing scalp massage. If only this could be a new daily ritual!

30min $55

Awaken the Spirit

You’ll be immersed in therapeutic aromas by adding a custom blend of pure oils from the aroma bar to your massage and take home a gift of your own custom blend. This will leave your body relaxed and your sinuses clear. $15

The Deep Sleep

Heated mitts, booties and neck wrap keep the body cozy while a warm lavender infused eye pillow is placed on the face to soothe you into a state of deep relaxation and meditation.  15 minutes of sleep is the perfect solution to a busy day.  $15

Top it off

Enliven your senses while your scalp is massaged and your hair is revitalized with a restorative hydrating hair and scalp mask.  $15

Tension Zone Therapy

Tight neck? Tense shoulders?  This focused treatment is designed to concentrate on specific areas using a variety of highly effective techniques. Get that weight off your shoulders in less than an hour. Note: Not a full-body massage.  30 min $55

Sole Sanctuary

Nourish your soles and soul and put some spring back into your step. Includes invigorating salt scrub, a warm foot wrap, and a luxurious shea butter reflexology foot massage. $15

Hot toddy for the body add on $45

30 More Minutes of Massage $30

Hot Stones $15

Cooling Marble Stone Therapy $10

Exfoliating Lip Treatment $15

Hydrating Eye Treatment $15

Ecoffin hands/feet or both $10 each